1 of the worst crash injuries is difficult to self-diagnose

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

If a car crash is minor, it may only cause property damage. However, many crashes cause severe injuries. Someone who followed every traffic law could end up severely hurt by someone who simply does not follow the rules.

When a significant crash occurs, people tend to check on themselves, their passengers and even the people in the other vehicle. They can then relay to first responders what type of support they need. They could also seek out appropriate medical care after filing a police report if they realize there are injuries to address. Unfortunately, one of the most serious injuries possible after a car crash is very difficult for people to self-diagnose, especially immediately after the wreck.

Brain injuries may have delayed symptoms

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can cause a vast array of different symptoms, but those symptoms take time to develop. Someone with a TBI may experience sensory issues. They may have motor function challenges ranging from problems with fine motor control to a loss of equilibrium. Cognitive issues can also occur, including issues with memory or outright changes in personality.

Unfortunately, it often takes quite some time for the condition to progress to a point where someone notices those symptoms. Immediately after a crash, the only warning sign might be a brief loss of consciousness or a headache that persists and then worsens. The body’s chemical response to a traumatic event like a car crash might cover up the pain, meaning that people won’t have any telltale signs of a TBI at the scene of the collision.

Only a medical professional can effectively diagnose a brain injury after a car crash. Those who see a physician as soon as possible will be in a better position to get care that could prevent their symptoms from worsening. It is often easier to pursue a successful insurance claim after a crash if someone has medical records from the same day as the collision affirming that they have a crash-related traumatic injury.

Not only do TBIs often cost tens of thousands of dollars or more in medical treatment, but they can also affect someone’s earning potential. Recognizing that a medical doctor’s review is necessary could help people get the right support after a car crash.