Why severe collisions sometimes lead to medical amputations

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car crashes can cause a variety of different injuries. The speed and type of vehicles involved can play a major role in the severity of occupants’ injuries. The force of motor vehicle collisions is more than enough to break bones in the human body. In fact, car crashes can cause such severe injuries that people may have to undergo medical care to treat. The more severe injuries possible often have major implications for the injured person’s functional abilities in the future.

Certain injuries may eventually result in a full recovery, while others could cause lasting changes to someone’s lifestyle. Limb loss or amputation is among the most devastating of all injuries possible. Car crashes are one of the leading causes of surgical or medical amputations in the United States.

Crashes may generate crushing injuries

The type of collision that occurs influences the injuries that someone may experience. In crashes that cause extensive damage to vehicles or involve vehicles of vastly different sizes, people might develop severe crushing injuries.

Unlike a traditional fracture where the bone breaks in one location or a few places, a crushing injury can break a bone in dozens of places. Attempting to treat a crushing injury is a major medical challenge. People may require multiple operations just to regain functional use after a crushing injury. Even then, there is no guarantee that doctors can fully repair the injured body part.

Combine the functional limitations of a crushing injury with the possibility of nerve damage, and that becomes a recipe for a lifelong, catastrophic injury. Medical professionals sometimes reach the conclusion then amputation is a better option than repeat surgeries that may or may not lead to reduced symptoms for a patient.

A medical or surgical amputation is cleaner and therefore safer than a traumatic amputation that happens at the scene of a crash. However, it can still trigger a lifetime of medical challenges and functional limitations. A surgical amputation necessitated by a collision could cost someone tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Pursuing a personal injury lawsuit is a reasonable reaction if a car crash caused by another’s negligence leaves someone with catastrophic injuries, such as the loss of a body part.