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Skilled Litigation Services In Real Estate Litigation

All aspects of real estate can be challenging without the legal guidance of a qualified and experienced real estate attorney. However, when it comes to real estate litigation, the help and representation of a skilled lawyer can positively impact the current legal issue you face.

Attorney Paul J. Smooth has 30 years of experience representing the interests of clients facing real estate concerns. At the Law Office of Paul J. Smoot in San Mateo, he has provided professional legal representation services and highly personalized legal services since 2008. When he takes your case, he will guide you through all the processes and remain available to address your questions and empower your decision-making.

Dependable Legal Assistance Through Complex Real Estate Issues

The priority is to fully understand your legal issue and your expectations to develop legal strategies and pursue your objectives. Whether you are a purchaser or a seller, he is ready to represent you and find suitable remedies to your needs and protect rights through negotiation or in the courts.

Law Office of Paul J. Smoot advocates for your best interests in the legal issues below, to mention a few:

  • Breach of contracts
  • Breach of duty
  • Disputes involving purchase and sale agreements
  • Discovery of defects that were undisclosed such as title defects or mechanic’s liens

Attorney Smoot will diligently analyze contracts and relevant legal documentation, explain your rights and how to protect them. He is also ready to represent you before the appropriate municipal or state government entities and look for convenient solutions for your finances and interests. The main goal is to help you secure your property in California while protecting your rights.

Call For Personalized Solutions

Call 650-548-0900 or stay online and send an email to schedule a consultation with attorney Smoot. Get one-on-one attention from a skilled and dedicated attorney.