2 times broken bones from a crash can devastate someone’s career

On Behalf of | May 2, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The injuries that people suffer as a result of motor vehicle collisions can lead to permanent changes in re: their lifestyle. For example, it is almost certain that a spinal cord injury amputation or brain injury suffered in a wreck will lead to major reductions in someone’s earning potential and shifts in their household dynamics.

Catastrophic injuries require immediate trauma care and often lead to significant financial challenges for those who are affected. Compared with extreme injuries, a broken bone or fracture may seem like a moderate health concern. It is painful and will impose many limitations, but people generally expect to make a full recovery. Despite those expectations, some fractures actually force people to change professions or stop working entirely. When could a broken bone have permanent job consequences for someone?

1. When the break is severe

Fractures come in many different forms. Simple, stable fractures may only involve one break in a bone that remains largely aligned despite the damage. Other times, the bone could break into multiple pieces, especially when a twisting force is what causes the fracture. Bones that break into multiple pieces may require surgery and even pins or rods to stabilize the bone as it heals. Open or compound fractures where the broken bone forces its way through the skin can also have lasting medical consequences. More severe fractures often require surgery to heal and could create lifetime limitations regarding weight-bearing or repetitive use on the job.

2. When the body doesn’t heal properly

The human body typically heals itself, but sometimes something goes wrong with that process. Fractures and the surgeries required to treat them can sometimes be the precipitating events that cause complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). CRPS is a nerve condition that develops after trauma like a fracture from a car crash in some cases. This debilitating medical condition can affect someone’s strength and range of motion. It can cause I’m going pain that does not get better when the bone fully heals. In many cases, CRPS will continue to worsen over time, resulting in diminished functionality as time progresses.

Those who require surgery and a long-term absence from work or a change of profession because of an injury might need to consider filing a lawsuit rather than simply filing an insurance claim in the wake of sustaining harm. Recognizing when car crash injuries may cause significant expenses might benefit those recently involved in a wreck to make more informed choices as they seek legal guidance and pursue justice.