Why California drivers go to court over property damage losses

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

California law requires car insurance, so those affected by a crash should be able to file an insurance claim to recoup their losses. The minimum coverage standards in California necessitate both property damage and bodily injury liability coverage. Some drivers carry several times the mandatory amount of coverage, but many people have only what the state requires.

Most people understand that when a car crash causes major injuries, a lawsuit may be necessary. However, even property damage losses in a crash can potentially necessitate a lawsuit. In addition to the possibility that the person at fault for the crash will not have insurance, there is also the possibility of a driver’s insurance being insufficient.

Low coverage won’t pay for all of your losses

What California requires for property damage liability coverage is unrealistically low. People only need to have $5,000 worth of protection for damage to people’s vehicles and other property. When your vehicle requires repairs, the work done could cost more than $5,000. You may also need to consider the diminished value of your vehicle, as it may be worth less after a crash.

Obviously, if the Collision results in a vehicle becoming unsafe to drive, low insurance coverage won’t be enough to buy a replacement vehicle. A full payout of $5,000 isn’t enough for someone to buy even a mediocre used car most times. Newer vehicles, imports, wheelchair-accessible vans and other high-value vehicles can necessitate a lawsuit if someone hopes to repair or replace their damaged vehicle.

You shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s mistakes

It is a gamble to only carry the coverage required by state law in California, and everyone else on the road is at risk because of one person’s choices to save money. You shouldn’t have to absorb personal expenses because someone else didn’t want to carry adequate insurance.

Especially when you consider that they cause the crash through some kind of misconduct or mistake, the idea that you have to pay for the cost of the damage to your vehicle or the injuries you suffer becomes more unfair. Knowing that a personal injury lawsuit is an option after a car crash damages your vehicle can help you more fully recover your losses.