2 reasons hurting your head in a car crash will cost you

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle collisions are among the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). People can get hurt because they hit their heads or because of the violent motion of the vehicle. The costs they incur for those injuries may be much more than what coverage the other driver’s insurance policy will provide.

Especially if the motorist at fault for the collision only has the minimum insurance required by law, you could have hundreds of thousands of dollars in uncovered collision expenses. What are the two main ways that a brain injury will affect your financial circumstances?

Brain injuries require expensive medical care

Even the imaging tests used to diagnose the severity and placement of a brain injury may cost thousands of dollars per test. People with brain injuries after car crashes may have extensive medical support requirements.

Those with minor TBIs might leave the hospital with bills totaling just over $2,000. Those with more severe symptoms and who require more support, like surgery, physical therapy and life support equipment, may have hospitalization expenses closer to $400,000.

Those estimates only apply to immediate aftercare and hospitalization. When you factor in years of life support or other kinds of medical care, a brain injury may eventually result in a seven-figure medical price tag.

Brain injuries will affect earning potential

Both those who work with their hands for a living and those who do more white-collar work are likely to notice that a brain injury affects their job performance and income. Some people will not be able to continue working the same job at all.

A research biologist, for example, may not have the mental acuity or memory that once made them a leader in their field. A manager or customer service representative may find that their personality and mood changes following the brain injury are what limit their opportunities. Some people will not be able to work at all, while others will only be able to pursue lower pain professions after their injuries.

When you look at the lifetime financial impact of the crash and the resulting injuries, you may ultimately discover that the wreck costs you far more than what insurance can feasibly pay. In such scenarios, personal injury lawsuits can be a crucial tool for those adjusting to life after a crash-related brain injury.

Determining the long-term impact of your recent brain injury will help you determine what forms of compensation will be necessary.