3 warning signs that you could have a traumatic brain injury

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The human brain is incredibly powerful, as it sorts out sensory information constantly while also regulating bodily functions like respiration. However, it is also very delicate.

The skull serves as a crucial form of protection for the brain so that falling or getting hit by something doesn’t automatically mean death. However, the skull can be as dangerous to the brain as it can be beneficial. Many people who have traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) develop symptoms not just because of the initial trauma but also because of the pressure that develops when the swollen brain pushes against the skull.

Those who have a traumatic brain injury often require medical treatment and may have lasting symptoms. What are some of the warning signs that you might have a brain injury after you fall at work or get into a car crash?

You notice physical symptoms

Some people experience ringing in the ears after a brain injury. Other people report blurry vision. Sometimes, brain injuries can also affect someone’s sense of smell or taste.

If you notice changes in your senses after a car crash, that could be a warning sign of a brain injury. Other common physical symptoms include headaches, nausea and changes in someone’s sleep patterns.

People notice changes in your behavior or mood

You may not notice this second category of symptoms, but the people around you may be the ones to sound the alarm. A brain injury can cause changes to your mood and personality, as well as to your behavior. If the people closest to you mention that you seem different in recent days, the changes they notice could be the warning signs of a TBI.

You lost consciousness

A severe brain injury could put someone in a coma and leave them dependent on life support for their nutrition or respiration. However, you don’t have to wind up in a coma for a brain injury to affect your consciousness.

If you faint or black out at the time that you get hurt or if you notice that you have difficulty waking up from sleep after an incident where you may have hurt your head, those could be warning signs of a brain injury. Even half a second of lost consciousness could be an indicator that something happened to your brain.

Identifying known symptoms of brain injuries can help you get the treatment you need and also ask for compensation for your medical bills and other losses.